Registration for Jan/Feb 2020 Now Open

We are excited to announce that registrations are now open for our 1st Intake of 2020. We look forward to welcoming our new 2020 students to a new brand, new campus, new programs and new possibilities. Start your journey to a rewarding career with Concept Interactive.

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Business Management, Entrepreneurship and New Technologies Certification


This course is especially adapted to those students who dream of opening their own business one day and who want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Students also understand the impact of new technology in our world and the power of exponential growth.


Students will be able to learn and gain exposure to valuable material in lectures and to apply it in a business or non- profit organization once graduated. Many students may also opt to take a gap year and study this course in order to gain a more in- depth insight into the topics offered.


Throughout the course, students are encouraged to build plans on how they see challenges, at local or regional level, and what needs to transpire in order for these challenges to be addressed and solved.


The course also covers creative and critical thinking as well as emotional and social intelligence introducing students to a wider range of relevant topics and subjects that impact on day to day inter-personal interaction. This course provides students with a broad understanding of the business world and equips them with the skills to run their own small business within a competitive environment. The New Technologies module exposes students to the latest industry trends and ensures that these businesses remain current in an ever changing, technology disrupted world. 



Features and Benefits


  • Students will build their own business plan throughout the year. 
  • Skill based courses that prepare the student for the working environment and suitable salary expectations.  
  • Get a 1-week internship opportunity. 
  • Through our myWay learning methodology, a unique and modern approach to blended learning we deliver our programmes via fflexible study method options including class based sessions and blended learning for online student.  
  • For online students, we ensure that you are supported by technology and people throughout your academic journey. We focus on a blended learning approach, combining online Virtual Classrooms, at home exercises, activities and project-based assignments bundled with fully developed video lectures, all managed by our student learning platform.

Admission Requirements:

  • Students are expected to have passed matric or the equivalent (this requirement can be waived in special circumstances). 
  • Although subject choice will not detract from qualification entry, the subjects Mathematics and English are an advantage. 
  • Students should also have passed Matric maths at a minimum level of 60%. Students who did not achieve 60% in maths will be required to write a Concept Interactive “Entrance Assessment”. Please contact a student advisor for more information. 
  • Students should be able to use basic computer applications and thus should have basic computer literacy. If this is not the case, proof of training in basic computer literacy will be required in order to be eligible for this course. 



  • Continual Integrated Formative Assessment: As you finish your modules you will be assessed in the form of practical exercises: two assessments per subject that will count towards your term mark.  
  • Exams: Each subject will require you to write and pass one internal exam and one external exam (should you choose to write external exams). Term Mark Calculation: Assignments = 40%, Exams = 60%
  • Optional Exams: City & Guilds optional assessments should you want to get the international City & Guilds CAD Operator qualification.

Salaries & Skills


* All statistics are derived from

  • Pricing & Payment Options

  • Duration

    Full Time

    • 10 months (5 Sessions/Week, 3:00 hours each, class times are between 08:30 – 12:00
    • All hours are achieved via your study duration at the institute and project-based assignments.

    *Sessions will be grouped together to lower cost of traveling, however, in some cases classes may not follow this convention and schedules are subject to change.



    • Online = 10 Months (Online live Q&A classes, once/week, 17:00 - 18:00)
    • Hours are obtained through a combination of live virtual Q&A sessions, pre-recorded video lectures and project-based tasks.
  • Career Options

    • Small Business Owner/ Operator
    • Business Manager
    • Business Development
  • Study Kit

    Your study kit is included in your fees and will contain:


    • Free WIFI (On Campus only). 
    • Electronic study guides for online students. 
    • A prescribed textbook list and a recommended reading list will be issued to face to face students. 
    • Orientation kit including: Student Card, Welcome Letter, and Getting Started Guide. 
    • Access to our myAcademy student portal and student support team via phone, email and tickets.  

What you get

  • Business Management, Entrepreneurship and New Technologies certificate 
  • Project Management (PMI, Project Management Institute)
* Please note that external modules may change in wording and institution based
on availability and relevance of the module.

Our Learning Methods

At Concept Interactive we understand that that each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. This is influenced by many factors including, circumstances, location, field of study and learning preference. It is for this reason that we have developed our myWay learning methodology, a unique and modern approach to blended learning that encompasses multiple delivery methods, involving our three main channels.

Full Time

Reach your full potential through our myWay Instructor-led or Mentorship based classes combined with interactive lessons, practical assignments and in-field experience, combined with our blended platform to make up a full day or selective days within a week.

Part Time

Designed for the working professional, our part time programmes provides you with the flexibility and benefit of our myWay Blended Learning with at home exercises/assignments and mentored or in-class lectures at a manageable schedule and pace.


We have re-defined online learning. Our myWay Online Learning ensures that the student is supported by technology and people throughout his academic journey. We focus on a blended learning approach, combining online Virtual Classrooms, at home exercises, activities and project-based assignments bundled with fully developed video lectures, all managed by our student learning platform.

Career Video

Watch this video to understand a day in the life of a Business Owner. 

Important Notes

Much of the content of the new technologies above will be taught as soon as the new technology unfolds. In today’s exponential world, new technologies emerge daily. This content will be brought into the lecture room as it unfolds. Upon successful completion of the above curriculum, students will be awarded three local certifications conferred by. Please note that start dates and timetables are subject to change.



  • Critical and Creative Thinking 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Communication 
  • Essentials of Project Management (PMI, Project Management Institute) 
  • Introduction to Business Mathematics 




  • Business Information Systems 
  • Micro and Macro Economics 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Human Resource Management Marketing Strategy  
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Small Business Finance 
  • Business Law 





  • Computer Technologies and Internet of Things 
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Blockchain Technology  
  • Biotechnology  
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality, Networks and Sensors  
  • Space Technologies  
  • Smart Energy 


  • Internship / Work Integrated Learning (1 Week)
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  • 12 February 2020
    17 February 2020
    Full Time
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  • 12 February 2020
    17 February 2020
    Full Time
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  • 12 February 2020
    17 February 2020

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