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Payment and Finance Options with AIE | Financial Solution

The AIE | Financial Solutions team, a division within AIE, is dedicated to provide learners with tailored financial options to ensure each student gets the best education in the most cost effective manner. We believe that a lack of finance should never be a barrier to entry into higher learning and have combined financial solutions from various industry partners and banks with our own internal financial terms to offer the most comprehensive solution to the modern student

Our Promise

AIE | Financial Solutions promise to deliver a fast and effective service, being transparent and honest ensuring the students are advised correctly and timely education become a reality.

Do you need a financial solution?

1. Tuition fee is
less than
< R15 000?

1. Submit application form.

2. Complete and return
Debit Order Authority form.

* For all fees under R15 000 in value, a maximum of 3 months payment terms will be allowed. Additional Ts&Cs may apply.

You’re good to go

2. Tuition fee is
more than
> R15 000?

1. Submit application form.

2. ITC Check

* An ITC check is a credit record check. To see if you qualify for a bank loan (best payment terms), such checks are needed. You will be advised of the outcome and the best chosen solution.

  • Bank

  • Fundi

  • Internal finance

Choose your tailored financial solution

* You will be given the best financial solution for your specific financial situation. Additional Ts&Cs may apply

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