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About Us

Concept Interactive Institute delivers a unique experience to every student entering its doors. We focus on courses that have been designed for the workplace – here in South Africa. We work with New Recruit, a specialised placements company who place our graduates into employment and who are instrumental in co-creating curricula that are relevant to today’s working world.


Our business and technology departments deliver face-to-face, full-time and part-time courses that are uniquely developed to cover specific business and technology-skilled areas which we believe offer job opportunities both locally and internationally.


The digital marketing department incorporates the latest in social media, research and SEO studies, teaching up-to-date, industry-ready skills.


Our digital design department is regarded as Cape Town’s most focused for web design and development. We are proud to be one of a few digital and design private institutions in South Africa that has its 3-year course fully registered by the Council on Higher Education.


Founded in 1992

Concept Interactive Institute has been teaching students for over 25 years. Originally anchored in digital development and design, we later diversified our courses to incorporate business and technology studies.


Today, our cutting-edge campus is situated in the vibrant urban heart of Salt River, surrounded by trendy eateries, colleges and creative street art and local businesses - all presided over by majestic Table Mountain!

Delivered by inspired, industry-savvy lecturers, our rich diversity of full-time and part-time courses span the fields of business, entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, digital business, technology, design, development, creative thinking, accounting and personal assistant studies.


Registered with the Department of Higher Education
as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997.
Registration certificate no.2009/HE07/003


Our Graduates

We have been producing graduates, fit for industry for over 20 years, many of whom who now hold highly respectable positions globally. We pay particular attention to the function of job placement and actively assist our graduates in securing meaningful employment both here in South Africa as well as overseas. We partner with New Recruit and alongside our internal placements’ function we help our students gain the skills necessary to prepare and successfully secure that first job. Statistically, one in five interviews leads to one offering and as such we endeavour to secure five job interviews per graduate.


Our Learning Environment


Our students receive expert, personalised attention from industry professional lecturers within a creative, innovative and stimulating environment. This means that graduates are highly skilled in those areas that industry requires, not just in academic skills. This is witnessed by the high rate of employment our graduates experience.

Lecturers are both academically qualified and hold relevant industry experience and are thus able to deliver academic instruction as well as integrate the lecture with practical industry related experience. We have chosen both local experts as well as international lecturers to deliver lectures.

For some of the specialised modules, and using our state of-the-art technology in our institution, we are able to beam in lectures from overseas lecturers. We have taken the time to choose lecturers who are experts in their specific fields. This provides not only the best in tuition from a global perspective but also exposes students to international standards, international working environments and international processes.

Gone are the days when employees have needed to physically work at the employer’s physical premises. Our graduates are taught the skills to provide their skill sets to be positioned anywhere in the world, and work for anyone in the world, no matter where they are.



In terms of student academic support, students meet individually with their lecturers or the course co-ordinator at intervals relating to the duration or level of learning. This takes the form of confidential discussions but open in terms of freedom of expression of opinions or constructive criticism. These discussions relate to the student’s aims and ambitions, short-and long-term, and attempts to find correct solutions, actions or further directions required to achieve the student’s goals.

Concept Interactive also provides academic service for full-time students in the following areas:

  • Finding suitable job-shadowing/work experience
  • Providing industry relevant projects
  • Providing guest speakers with specialist knowledge of specific areas of the industry
  • Providing tours of industry
  • Providing real-life projects
  • Assistance in seeking full or part-time employment



In addition to the lecturing process, our learning is also about integrating the physical learning environment with technology. Students have access to iMacs and PCs on campus and in the resource center. Our software packages are chosen by our research and development team who have carefully chosen up-to-date, relevant software used in industry today. We utilise Gartner Research to help guide us in ensuring that our students are learning and utilising the latest in technology.



The formative and summative assessment process is carried out in the form of practical exercises and weekly practical projects as well as regular theoretical tests. During the course, feedback is given to students identifying their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, evaluation reports are submitted to the students on a regular basis so that they may identify and correct any areas needing work. Along with each student’s personal details, marks and qualifications are maintained on a database and backed up regularly.



The Senate

The Senate is responsible for regulating and directing the academic work of the Institute and is regarded as its supreme academic authority. It is the responsibility of the Senate to plan, approve, develop, maintain, regulate and promote all teaching, programmes of study, research and other academic work of the Institute, and to formulate policies accordingly.

This important structure is the peak body for advising the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors on academic matters and broad issues which affect the academic excellence of the Institute. Its role encompasses policies, systems, services, structures and strategies that impact upon teaching and research, students and staff. The Senate is a key forum for academic staff to discuss matters of interest including those relating to the broader governmental, political or market environment. It also serves as a conduit for disseminating key information throughout the Institute, including information regarding the external environment affecting the Institute as a whole.


The Senate consists of two types of members:

Internal (executive) and External (non-executive).

  • The Chief Executive Officer (executive)
  • Principal (executive)
  • 5 Members of Academia from external academic institutions / other (non-executive)


Current Senate Members:


Darren Fox


(CEO / Head of Institution)
executive member

Yolanda du Randt


(Principal / Head of Academics)
executive member

Dr Dave Augustyn


non-executive member

Prof Marvin Kambuwa


non-executive member

Dr Jody Cedras


non-executive member

Dr Ferdie Lochner


non-executive member

Prof Frikkie Herbst


non-executive member





The Executive is responsible and accountable to stakeholders for the relevancy and quality of Concept Interactive Institute’s academic programmes. The Academic Advisory Council supports academic programme accountability by providing guidance and feedback and serving as partners in research and the quality of teaching and learning at the institute.


The Council comprises the following members:


Mr Adrian Schofield
Prof Chris Bornman
Ms Moira de Roche
Mr Tony Mays
Mr Darren Fox
Prof Godfrey Marozva
Prof Henry Mynhardt
Ms Julia Botha
Prof Roger Deacon
Prof Rex van Vuuren
Mr Riaan Dirkse van Schalkwyk
Prof Theuns Pelser
Prof Frikkie Herbst
Dr Dave Augustyn
Prof Marvin Kambuwa
Dr Edwin Anderssen
Dr Ferdie Lochner
Prof Jan Meyer
Mr Johan Vorster
Ms Shari Joseph
Ms Carla Sharpe
Mr Aleks Tasic
Ms Sandy Mey