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Full Time / Part Time Hybrid Learning Explained

myWay Hybrid Learning is a technology mediated delivery method that extends all the benefits of our DigitalCampus to our Full Time and Part Time students


A personalized class schedule, attend class on campus, virtually or both.


Never miss a class because of health, traffic, or transport issues.


Have all your classes ready to be downloaded and watched, anytime, anywhere.


With our my AIE Student portal, teachers, parents, and students have an online gateway for open communication, learner guides, video lectures, assignment submissions, support and much more.


Get the help you need when you need it! Submit a ticket, call our students support team or chat to them live.

The Future of Learning - Hybrid Learning

Benefits of hybrid learning

Hybrid Orientation

Find Flexibility through learning

Myway Hybrid Learning Equipment

Cross-Campus Lecturing - myWay Hybrid Learning

Online Learning vs. myWay Hybrid Learning

Part-time Learning vs. myWay Hybrid Learning

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